Shooting Shigeru Ban's Latest Architectural Gem: the new Aspen Art Museum

December 5th, 2014

During the course of the summer and autumn months of 2014, I was formally commissioned by the Aspen Art Museum to do the official architectural imaging of the new and highly anticipated museum designed by 2014 Pritzker Prize Laureate Shigeru Ban.  The initial imaging was performed in conjunction with Shigeru’s personally commissioned photographic individual Michael Moran of OTTO.  Since completion of the initial three rounds of imaging taken in July, August, and October, the end resulting images have found their way to six continents that I know of.  The building is something of an MC Escher drawing come to life via its strong use of layered materials and surfaces and how each interacts with its urban environment throughout all hours of the day.  The building is a chameleon both inside and out depending upon the light and time of day, and a true architectural step forward for Aspen’s progressive mountain community.  Usage rights and licensing for imaging towards the structure are available by contacting the studio either via email or phone.


Back with the Hive; Studio B Imaging for 2014

November 2nd, 2014

Studio B Architects is my longest running professional relationship in Aspen (or anywhere for that matter!), and after sixteen years of of knowing Scott Lindenau both professionally and personally, I am always excited to see where the vision of “The Hive” has continued to evolve towards since my architectural years spent with the firm full time from 1999-2003.  This year’s effort was to strip everything down and stylistically return a little towards the roots of the office’s beginnings, and the black and white approaches taken just seemed to make all the sense in executing this concept.  Scott, Gilbert, & Mike: thank you for your continued faith & trust – I look forward to a very, very busy next couple of years with each of you!


From Concept to Rollout, Introducing ZEAL Optics' Explorer II…

October 7th, 2014

“The mountains are calling and I must go,” is the famous quote driving the philosophy of Zeal Optics, a quickly up and coming boutique eye-wear company based out of Boulder, Colorado. As a company driven by the need for exploration, the journey and meaning in what they produce, 1 Friday’s approach to design was a logical choice for the collaboration. The project was born out of a run-down find in the desert Southwest and the desire to create a mobile showroom / office / event center from this salvaged 1972 Airstream Safari trailer. We like to think of Explorer II as a “Swiss Army Knife on Wheels” due to the multi-use of every wall and operable maple panel in the design.  Completed in just over three months, I had the opportunity to grab Mike Filander of ZEAL and my ever supportive Jennifer while the trailer was en route to California for a quick documentation of our collaborative design effort. Should the difficult to miss aluminum chassis roll into a town near you, check it out, as it’s one of the more playful showrooms you’ll encounter (It’s also our understanding the beverage center is always well stocked in addition!).



Inside the Lundy Residence; a modern masterpiece.

September 25th, 2014

301 Lake Avenue, known also as the Lundy Residence due to its original architect, Victor Lundy, FAIA, is arguably the most important residential restoration / redevelopment project 1 Friday has been commissioned to date, and one of the elements I wanted to do prior to any restoration work occurring was capture the home in its existing state.  The home is a masterwork, and arguably provides one of the most beautiful residential backdrops one could ask for.  The vibe of the home is sixties modern, and the images created are inspired somewhere between the work of Ormond Gigli and episodes of Mad Men.  I know there are few more shoots on the way before the renovation begins!


Interior Images of Lundy Residence – Derek Skalko/ 1 Friday 2014 Copyright – All rights reserved

My Own Private Concert Experience… Imaging with Pianist George Slaughter

September 2nd, 2014

Working within the historic Wheeler Opera House, I recently took an hour to meet up with the talented pianist George Slaughter while visiting in Aspen this fall.   A composer of original piano works for several decades, I was excited to assist his imaging efforts towards his inaugural musical release slated for this coming winter.  I cannot thank both George and the entire Wheeler staff enough for their cooperation and willingness to allow us full use of the house for approximately an hour and a half.  I can’t say I ever had the benefit of listening to such a fine musician in such a fine venue all to myself: a special shoot indeed!


Elevating Identities: Helping Coredination Find Its Stride

August 28th, 2014

Coredination is more than dance, more than Pilates, more than just any one thing.  They are a movement studio, and the biggest driving goal of the ongoing imaging assistance being provided to this growing  effort is creating a series of images that would address all of these elements without specifically focusing on any one area too specifically.  Founded in 2004 by Alexandra & Anthony Jerkunica, Coredination is an effort to teach movement through the means of ballet, Pilates, and yoga philosophies in order to best promote a healthy and functioning body.  It has been a pleasure assisting this fine couple in trying to reach a larger audience here in our Roaring Fork Valley community.



Working with Elements: Making a Large Impact in a Little Space

August 18th, 2014

No matter the size or scale of the project, Monique Spears and her landscape architectural practice Elements believes that good design should trickle into every facet of one’s life, and, when properly captured, becomes a reflection of the individual’s lifestyle, values, and surroundings.  I have had the pleasure of knowing and collaborating with Monique for almost fifteen years both architecturally and photographically.  She is simply put one of the most amazing individuals and talents you’ll come across within our diverse Aspen design community.  The space below is a sheer testament to how great design can transform the most unlikely of spaces – this residential landscape rarely is more than 10 feet in width at any given area, and yet, when experiencing the space, you simply would never guess!


Maine as great as Maui?… Perhaps…

August 12th, 2014

Following our Canadian tour of Nova Scotia , Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick, Jennifer and I decided to drop down into York Beach, Maine for some quality beach and summer fun time with the Himeilowski family once again.  The images below pretty much summarize a well needed break from a crazed summer of both imaging and architectural gem commissions.  Thank you all – until soon: Pot of Gold – I’ll work on my Tom Jones for next year, and if I can actually bring Tom Jones next year – better yet!


Eastern Canada's Maritimes; If Only I Could Bottle this Feeling…

August 3rd, 2014

The summer has been our craziest since entering the recession in terms of work, and a complete break from all things work related was in need.  Our destination: the maritime provinces of Eastern Canada.  Our days spent within Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick were filled with sun, surf and a seemingly unending sense of calm.  Hailing from Northern Minnesota, I couldn’t help but find myself captivated by the strong similarities geographically to my days spent on the Mesabi Iron Range.  As an architect, I have such a deeper appreciation Bryan McKay Lyons’ work and his keen sensibility and grasp of this place.  From our waking amidst the morning sea fog as we neared the port of Yarsmouth to walking through the potato fields stretching endless near the Tyron Bay Lighthouse, I think a little bit of this region is still leaving us “Feeling So Scotian”months later, and that’s a very fine thing.  I cannot wait to begin printing the black and white rolls taken in the weeks coming.


Imaging for Aspen Sojourner's Summer Issue; the Powers Art Center

July 2nd, 2014

To put it bluntly, there is no other place like this in the Roaring Fork Valley, or perhaps even in the rest of the United States for that matter.  The privately funded Powers Art Center, commissioned by Kimiko Powers to her late husband John Powers, is an open-to-the-public yet private museum and research facility dedicated to the print and multiple works of Jasper Johns, and honour rarely before bestowed upon a living artist.  The museum itself is situated within 400 near undisturbed rolling acres of ranching fields and meadows in the mid-valley region.  Serenity and calm contemplation are foremost here, where the sound of an eagle flying overhead is as likely to be heard as the occasional vehicle passerby.  I photographed the building over the course of four visits during a two week period, waiting for the right light, the right feel, the right person in each frame experiencing the building.  For imaging usage and licensing rights regarding the Powers Art Center, please contact the studio by either email or phone.