I said the ride would be fun when I wrote about Brian and Colleen’s June wedding back in December.  I wasn’t writing however, to anticipate for eight hours in a car on I-70, three planes, two trains, and a long ass walk to my hotel the day before their wedding! All being said, I couldn’t imagine a more fun way to spend two days in Wilmington, Delaware once I finally arrived – Brian and Colleen’s day was everything everyone had hoped it would be, and the rock identa-kit journey couldn’t have been more fitting…From the Save The’s to the album artwork inspired guest book concepts, we tied the entire theme together seamlessly in a manner that would have made the likes of U2’s marketing team proud.  They hired a local photographer for their  wedding day, but I couldn’t help but bring a couple cameras along to finish the first chapter properly capturing the “in between” moments.  Thank you Brian & Colleen for allowing me such a wonderful role in your day; I look forward to all the chapters yet to be written….With Love