I am trained as an architect, and 1 Friday Design Collaborative, the design firm I began in 2003, has specialized in custom residential projects since its inception. The relationship between me and the individuals cutting studs or pouring concrete has always been a close one. I learned firsthand the process of construction is like being a member of a family or sports team for the project’s duration. Skills, personalities and everything each individual brings to a project can make the end result incredibly successful or sometimes less than desired — I have always been fascinated by this very human dynamic of construction. Looking to past projects like Richard Avedon’s “American West” series for inspiration, “Faces: RFV” intends to keep images stripped to a minimal focus while still maintaining a sense of “place” within each frame. All images are captured in handheld fashion using only natural jobsite lighting or at the subject’s place of work. Whether a nationally renowned architect or a young laborer with a broom and broken English, this project looks to celebrate the wonderfully diverse talent and skill of the Roaring Fork Valley’s design and construction industry.