To put it bluntly, there is no other place like this in the Roaring Fork Valley, or perhaps even in the rest of the United States for that matter.  The privately funded Powers Art Center, commissioned by Kimiko Powers to her late husband John Powers, is an open-to-the-public yet private museum and research facility dedicated to the print and multiple works of Jasper Johns, and honour rarely before bestowed upon a living artist.  The museum itself is situated within 400 near undisturbed rolling acres of ranching fields and meadows in the mid-valley region.  Serenity and calm contemplation are foremost here, where the sound of an eagle flying overhead is as likely to be heard as the occasional vehicle passerby.  I photographed the building over the course of four visits during a two week period, waiting for the right light, the right feel, the right person in each frame experiencing the building.  For imaging usage and licensing rights regarding the Powers Art Center, please contact the studio by either email or phone.