The summer has been our craziest since entering the recession in terms of work, and a complete break from all things work related was in need.  Our destination: the maritime provinces of Eastern Canada.  Our days spent within Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick were filled with sun, surf and a seemingly unending sense of calm.  Hailing from Northern Minnesota, I couldn’t help but find myself captivated by the strong similarities geographically to my days spent on the Mesabi Iron Range.  As an architect, I have such a deeper appreciation Bryan McKay Lyons’ work and his keen sensibility and grasp of this place.  From our waking amidst the morning sea fog as we neared the port of Yarsmouth to walking through the potato fields stretching endless near the Tyron Bay Lighthouse, I think a little bit of this region is still leaving us “Feeling So Scotian”months later, and that’s a very fine thing.  I cannot wait to begin printing the black and white rolls taken in the weeks coming.