During the course of the summer and autumn months of 2014, I was formally commissioned by the Aspen Art Museum to do the official architectural imaging of the new and highly anticipated museum designed by 2014 Pritzker Prize Laureate Shigeru Ban.  The initial imaging was performed in conjunction with Shigeru’s personally commissioned photographic individual Michael Moran of OTTO.  Since completion of the initial three rounds of imaging taken in July, August, and October, the end resulting images have found their way to six continents that I know of.  The building is something of an MC Escher drawing come to life via its strong use of layered materials and surfaces and how each interacts with its urban environment throughout all hours of the day.  The building is a chameleon both inside and out depending upon the light and time of day, and a true architectural step forward for Aspen’s progressive mountain community.  Usage rights and licensing for imaging towards the structure are available by contacting the studio either via email or phone.